Hepapressin, is an immune system adjuvant which combines a liver derivative with an amino acid complex. It is thought to assist in the treatment of ME/CFS by improving the immune system.

Private Label, Immune System Supplement (Immune Resist), is an amino acid food additive. It is involved in the immune system and may diminish fatigue, as well as brain fog, and assist in concentration and short term memory loss.

Private Label, Immune System Adjuvant (Immuno Plus), is a adjuvant to immune resist, Dr. Enlander believes that the methylation cycle is part of the CFS/ME dysfunction.

Immune Response, is a carefully selected group of supplements which bolster the immune system.

The immune system provides a defense against various infections including upper respiratory tract infections, colds and flu. While there maybe no direct antiviral or antibiotic treatment against such ailments, Immune Response may provide the best response and defense. The immune system is the body's best method of defending against these attacks.

Private Label, Memory Enhancer (Catapult), is an over-the-counter medication that may diminish brain fog, and aid in circulation to the brain.

Lectrolyte or Recup, (an electrolyte solution from Spain) may aid in fortifying muscle and reducing pain

Low Dose Naltexone (LDN), is a medication that blocks opiate receptors and may help reduce symptoms.

Halacha, we treat many Hasidic and Orthodox Jews with CFIDS and fibromyalgia, porcine derived injections may be used by orthodox Jews when there is no substitute or alternative medicine.

Go, is a laxative designed to work gently yet effectively on the GI systems of ME/CFS patients, where constipation may be especially problematic.

Betamax Spray, is a sublingual (known to be as effective as intramuscular injection) Vitamin B12 spray, adding a critical piece to the methylation cycle.

Lank ( ), 14 blend mushroom powder in capsule form which may help increase

natural killer cells and natural killer cell activity.

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The Enlander Protocol for treatment of ME/CFS has been carefully researched over the past 12 years. We believe that in ME/CFS there is an immune system dysfunction, possibly in the methylation cycle.

With this in mind, we have added Immune Resist, ImmunoPlus, Betamax, Lectrolyte, and Catapult to the protocol. The supplements are taken daily.

In addition to the supplements, a weekly injection of Hepapressin complex, which includes Nexavir, is given. This is based on the research by the University of Texas group.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Immunoprop Protocol. Please, call us at (212) 794-2000 or you can click here to contact us and one of our staff members will be happy to answer all of your questions. Thanks!

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